PPC vs SEO: Differences, pros, cons & an integrated approach

PPC & SEO has created a huge buzz !. Right?

Are you wrapping your head around SEO or PPC? Wondering which one is best for your online business? What Pros and Cons they both have? No Worries!. You are in the right place because I have broken down all for you in our SEO & PPC detailed review.

We are living in a generation when Businesses are shifting to online platforms. Everyone wants to have their brand. I know you too want to increase their sales through your website, because of the massive reach it provides.

But, If you think any rocket science will help your website grab the visitor’s reach. I’ll say, Just forget about the sales.

When the Competition is at its peak. Everyone wants to sell their products online. Then it is necessary to make your site highly optimized with a Google search engine.

Behind Site optimization and getting traffic, SEO & PPC are the main heroes. Both have a similar goal to grab traffic on your website. However, they are different in terms of grabbing the audience.

I’ll try to point out the major differences between the two by using the following parameters such as search results, cost-effectiveness, Potential traffic, and conversion rates.

So, Wait for what?. Let’s get stuck in

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What is SEO?

I think all of you must know that SEO stands for ‘ Search Engine Optimization. But, what would you need to optimize?. Have you ever thought of it?. I’m considering now that you haven’t. So, lemme begin with what is SEO actually and what you need to optimize. As the name suggests that you will optimize something for search engines.

Well, SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your online content, web pages, so that search engines find your content relevant to show up at the top of SERPs for a certain keyword.

“The study says, On any given day, People conduct more than 2.2 billion searches on search engines [and that’s only on Google]”.

Therefore, showing up at the top page can be a deciding factor whether your business flourishes or leads to bankruptcy.

In other words, SEO is like magic that applies to your article to help google understand likely to show up on its first page of searching results. It involves On-Page, Off-Page, White Hat, & black hat SEO.

Benefits that SEO Provides Your Site

When it comes to optimization of your site, SEO has a lot of positives. But, I have listed out major ones. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Visibility in search engines is a must. SEO helps increase the visibility of your content, web pages, on the first SERPs.
  • It enhances your brand awareness and puts your online business in front of potential customers
  • SEO is loved by users for the simple reason that it provides credibility and trust. SEO involves organic searching results that influence your credibility with an audience looking for your services. You know, people tend to skip ads and trust organic search results rather.
  • SEO gives tremendous results in terms of the ROI of your website over traditional paid advertisement techniques.
  • SEO helps Google to better understand what actually your content wants to convey to users. Thus, increase the visitor’s retention to your website. Website traffic provides you a load of opportunities to enhance your brand awareness and make people better understand your services
  • Most people often click on organic search results. This way, SEO Provides overall more Click Through Rate (CTR) compared to the Paid advertising.
  • SEO is more sustainable than Paid advertisements. Your will marketing will become dry as you stop paying. However, SEO consists of organic search results, it can sustain drive traffic even when the marketing speed is cut back.

“Did you know the organic Google search results with 3-4 long-tail words in the title of your content, drives higher Click-Through rates?”

Cons Of SEO

See, the few minus points of Search Engine Optimization-

  • Though, SEO is free organic search results and delivers long-term benefits. Yet it faces turbulence with ever-changing Google Algorithms.
  • Other than that, SEO requires ongoing maintenance and takes a lot of your time as well.

What Is PPC?

PPC is a form of advertising your online content in which advertisers run ads on a platform like Google and pay every time any users click on it. You may be aware or not that the business starts marketing their content with PPC for a simple reason, that it drives huge traffic and targets potential customers and clients.

Other than that, it gives you a lot of effective ways to set up and run campaigns as per needs. Tus helps to meet your business goals.

“Lemme tell you, PPC effectively helps to grow your brand awareness, It is seen that brand awareness can be increased up to 80 % by running Google ads

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How PPC Benefits your website to Grab Traffic

Are you having trouble convincing your boss or clients about the positives of PPC advertising? Here, I have talked about the major benefits. Let’s see-

  • The major benefit I found interesting in PPC, it contributes well to business goals. It can support several sales funnels, also its campaigns can be set up effectively. Thus, helps you to achieve your business goals.
  • It runs through Google ads, and that is easy to set up, measurable, and traceable. You can easily see the performance stats including, impressions, clicks, and conversion rates.
  • The best thing about PPC is, it can work well with other marketing channels. Like, PPC and SEO work seamlessly better, as the impressions and opportunities to gain huge traffic are quite similar in both cases. Unlike the difference in marketing strategies, Both target the audience with the same goal to gain visitor’s reach.
  • PPC enhances brand visibility, as paid advertisements are more often seen by the right people.
  • PPC offers more stability if we compare it to SEO. Because, what SEO from same turbulence, The add words can’t.
  • PPC provides optimum A/B testing by providing easily split-test ads, landing pages, and even the call-to-action button to determine where the sustainable results actually lie.
  • The major highlight of PPC is that it provides visual Product ads that help the users see what they will be clicking on. And, also this type of visual ads, improve CTR, thereby increasing the visitor’s reach.

The key point to note, “Google Drives around 95% of all the paid ads that are clicked on mobile. So make sure your PPC campaigns are Mobile-friendly”

Cons Of PPC

See few negatives of PPC-

  • The major negative point of PPC is, it needs constant investment.
  • Additionally, It comes with learning which deters some user

How well SEO & PPC work when combined

It is not unknown that digital marketing is dynamic. There’s a huge buzz around SEO & PPC on how they work when combined despite their parts. Here, we will see if SEO & PPC are actually a power-packed duo or not.

  • It is seen that the Keyword and Conversion valued from PPC benefits the organic search keywords. PPC can actually give clarity when it comes to the ROI value of keywords.
  • Ads typically run on the first page of the Google search engine, and you know ads can generate more CTR. This way for e-commerce websites advertising products, PPC helps SEO.
  • When SEO & PPC integrate, it helps in increasing confidence and brand awareness.
  • With the SEO & PPC working together, The overall volume of traffic increases. Targeting clicks in a paid advertisement while high-performance keywords in Organic search results.
  • The best thing I found interesting when they work together is, the high volume keywords & and high-cost keywords can be moved from Paid advertisements to Organic SEO.
  • The most important point is you can test the keyword strategy in PPC before investing in long-term SEO strategies.

The Bottom Line: Which is better to go with SEO or PPC?

I hope you get that none of them between SEO or PPC is inherently superior. Both have some pros and cons. It is not easy and possible to answer this question about which is better SEO or PPC? before considering a particular business.

Well, if you have started your small online business with little competition, and only want a few leads per week, you could likely go for Organic search results or SEO.

And, when you have a high converting product, you should go with PPC advertisements.

Coming to concluding the debate about SEO vs PPC, I would like to say, SEO may take a lot of time, but the results are amazing and long-lasting whereas in the PPC as you stop paying, traffic will also get jam.

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