How to write SEO Friendly Content?

You know that (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors that every blogger must consider for better ranking in search engines.

Higher Traffic Results do not only depends upon your article but it depends upon your title of the content and the way you write and express it..

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Best Ways to write SEO friendly content

If you are new to SEO you must check your title because it has a very unique identity on your website.

1. Keyword Research

Analyzing the keyword research is the first step of your post to make your post SEO friendly and that’s the toughest and important work to rank your article at the top in google because everyone wants to rank their article at first.

But there are many platforms like the Google Keywords tool that helps you to find which words are facing a difficulty that people are lacking to find the result on that word because the competition is less on that word and that helps you to rank your article easily first.

2. Main target keyword that repeats in your article

Focus on a very small and a main subset of keywords.

You want to just target a limited number of keywords that will rank your blog.

Also, make sure that you have to focus on that keyword only according to your theme of the website

This should serve your work as a cue to Google which would help you to strengthen the overall SEO and to rank your article on the top in search engine results

Although everyone wants that they get more traffic on their website so they can rank their websites through their articles.

3. Write empathic words on your title

Titles play a very significant role in your article for your website it gives consequences to SEO purposes and creates a user-friendly environment.

Expressive and Empathic titles help readers what your post is about and what they will get after reading

If you want to rank your article on the top so follow these steps

  • Use your targeted word in your article.
  • Make your article not too long because if you make it long it will not rank easily always make it small which can be comfortably shown on the google display in the search result.

If you will write like this, then your article must be rank high on the search results

4. Always use Small Paragraphs

One thing you always want to remember and tuned in your mind is that while writing your article you have to use it all the time in small paragraphs.

It doesn’t mean that each new sentence needs to start with a new line but it means you have to make small paragraphs maximum of 3 to 4 lines that have a logical meaning and have a good idea so you can simply get a lot of traffic in your website.

5. Add Images in your content

Including images in your content is a great way to effectively get your points across and improve the reader’s experience. Image optimization helps a lot to increase more traffic on your website in your article

Because your readers get attracted by the images and while adding these on google it will also help you to rank your website on the top.

6.Make your content  mobile-friendly

Now everyone has a mobile phone/ tablet they mostly spent their time on that so we have to remember one thing that making your article-friendly is a must for search engines, and you know that Google is also now ranking on the based of mobile-friendly websites easily higher.

If you want to make your website mobile-friendly so you have to make it easier for users so they can found all the necessary information quickly and there are many apps to make your website smoother and run like this.

if you make these changes so you can earn a lot of traffic on your website or an article because people are not facing any problem with that so you can easily get more traffic in SEO.


    If you should have to rank your website so you have not targeted a single keyword but you have to focus on target keywords to establish an overarching theme for your site.

    You need to do everything you can do for search engines so you can get easily more traffic on the website and rank at the top in search engine results.

    I hope using this structure you can write your article and rank easily.