Google’s New Broad Core Algorithm Update Rolling Out June 2, 2021

2 June, 2021

Google’s most anticipated broad core update has finally started to roll out. Usually, Google releases core updates every three months but this time it has been six months since last year’s December core update. 


The current update is being called the June 2021 Core Update and the following update next month is called the July 2021 Core Update. It is very infrequent of Google to roll out two separate updates so close together. In support of this Google’s Search Liason’s official Twitter handle tweeted: “Some of our planned improvements for the June 2021 update aren’t quite ready, so we’re moving ahead with the parts that are, then we will follow with the rest with the July 2021 update.”  


Additionally stating that most webmasters won’t even notice the impact of either of these updates just like any other core updates. Many websites will need to improvise their relevance and authoritativeness by updating their content after the complete rollout. The essence of these updates is to make Google’s Search Engine Result Page more impactful and relevant to the users. 


Yes, you will notice a reshuffle in the SERP rankings with this rollout which is quite normal as it makes the search engine more effective. This may have a negative impact on certain websites’ SERP ranking but it won’t necessarily mean that their content is wrong or poor, it just means that it’s not updated and relevant to the audience today. So keep refreshing and optimizing your existing content to make it more relevant for today’s searches. This will surely help in ranking better on the search engine.


How is this broad core update different from other updates?

Google’s Danny Sullivan reminded that “nothing in a core update is site-specific. Those who seek to perform well with search generally, including with core updates, should look to our guide here.” This clearly means there’s nothing to worry about as thousands of updates are made per year to improve the quality of search results. 


Core Updates target the searching algorithm as a whole rather than bringing change in a fractional fashion like updating certain categories of sites only. Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update is a slower update than other major core updates and it’s the first time Google is launching two updates in such a small window.


Suggested Actions for SEOs

Try not to panic and just don’t do anything dramatic to your website yet. Since it is a Broad Core Algorithm Update it will be a slow process to actually see any impact on search listings. So if the June rollout declines your ranking and gets on your nerves, just try to stay calm till the July rollout which may bring relief. This is true for any positive impact on your search listings too so just keep an eye on any major change and let it completely roll out to take any significant decision.


We have linked a blog post by Google to help you relax and work on improving the experience and quality of the results for the time being. It will let you know how core updates are good for improving your search results ranking. 


The complete picture will only be clear when both the major updates are completely released. This particular June 2021 Core Update is a slow-paced rollout because most of the algorithm trackers showed no major fluctuations.