10 SEO Trends And Changes That Will Impact Business In 2021

Hold on to these SEO trends to rocket your revenues in 2021

1. Mobile SEO

In 2021 most of the internet facilities are accessed via mobile phones which will make businesses attend more to Mobile SEO. Now doing desktop SEOs won’t be enough because if your website lags on the mobile you will only be losing precious new deals. 

An optimized mobile website will impact your business by raising your search rankings. Most of the big games already have an efficient Mobile SEO strategy at play and are collecting potential customers from traditional desktop surfing as well as the new norm, smartphones.

2. Zero-Click Search/ Local Search Listings will play a larger role in search

This is the year where local search listings could really do wonders for your business. Zero-Click Searches lets users know the answers to their queries in the SERP without any need to click. As most of the zero-click searches are local listings, your Local SEO strategy will back you up.

Additionally, a strong backlink profile will obviously guarantee you at the top. This has been an underestimated SEO tactic but is already proving its worth in 2021.

3. Voice Search will impact search queries

With more people having phones in their hands, voice searching is gaining speed. The phenomenal thing with Voice Search Optimization is considering the use of long-tail keywords. People use voice search when they are in a hurry so they expect exact answers to their specific queries. Voice Search SEO will prove a life-saver with so many users opting for this convenient technology.

4. Intent Content that fulfills the Google EAT principle will rank higher 

Intent marketing has always been that evergreen point in SEO and this year too it will be a major trend. Making curated content that fulfills Google’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness parameters will land you at higher page ranks.

Intent content should be created with the focus of targeting the audience, it must be correct and attractive. Something competent and unique for better SEO in 2021.

5. Core Web Vitals

It won’t be 2021 if it were not Core Web Vitals, the much awaited Google Page Experience Update. Core Web Vitals are a set of signals that will help the search engine judge the overall UX of the page. These factors are gonna decide your value on the SERP and will be fundamental in controlling the traffic to your website. Some central features included in Core Web Vitals are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

6. YouTube & SEO

Every SEO strategy establishes User Experience as its foundation. With the non-stopping popularity of YouTube, ignoring a rich video background in your digital identity is fruitless. So why not target our share of audience from YouTube’s 30 million active daily users. Your video content must aim for specific keywords because SEO strategies are needed to evolve and adapt with the trend.

7. Buyer-Centric Content: SAY NO TO “ME-ME-ME” CONTENT

Another selling point is a good SEO strategy in 2021 is the focus on buyer-centric products. The customer is looking for something that fulfills his needs and if you present that, your ROI is gonna see some changes. Yes! You do attract more customers when you suppress your self-appraising content skills but focus on searcher-centric productive content.

8. Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS in short is a breakthrough tactic of the search engine to rank the overall experience from your website.

A huge part of Core Web Vitals but the special focus should be given to CLS, it must always be on your SEO radar. CLS can be seen when a website loads or when its content suddenly shifts followed by abrupt unwanted clicks anywhere on the page. This is annoying for the users and search engines observe everything!! So beware of such haphazard and keep on regulating and optimizing your website’s overall user experience.

9. More Showing And Less Telling

An efficient User Interface will step up your presence because content has become boring and unattractive. Graphics will gain attention and it is what SEO strategies all around the world are targeting in 2021. Visual aid guides users besides providing a seamless experience of your service or product and graphics like images or videos have always proved to be easy-to-navigate tools on a webpage.

10. High-Quality Backlinks

2021 is proving to be a year of change, now too many low-quality backlinks from just any website won’t do, now we need to tackle the PR of your company more seriously. Few high-quality backlinks from top-tier brands in your industry must be the goal of any technical SEO team.