SEO News: Google Postpones Page Experience Algorithm Update to Mid-June

4 June, 2021


Google delays Page Experience Algorithm Update to mid-June but it won’t show its full effects on page rankings until the end of August. The major reason for this shift is to observe its impact and deal with any unexpected or unintended issues. 


As per the blog post by Google, this whole update will be a gradual rollout because websites are going to witness drastic change after its complete rollout. It will surely have an impact on the ranking of web pages. The page also added that this adjusted roll-out postponement will “help you continue to make refinements to your website with page experience in mind”. Many SEOs and webmasters are already on the front making suitable changes to cope and succeed in this page experience update.

Know more about google page experience update  by watching this video,

What happens in the Mid-June Update?

Google News will expand the use of non-AMP content across news.google.com and on mobile applications. They will be removing AMP badges to indicate AMP content. No AMP will be required for being eligible for the Top Stories Carousel. These changes will be gradually made starting from mid-June and will be fully functional until the end of August. 


Google plans to continue with the Core Web Vitals to enhance and experiment with the page experience and will finally release its verdict by the end of August. 

What changes will be witnessed by the End of August?

Google Page Experience Update will be in its final stage and prominent changes will come to the surface. AMP will finally be not necessary to top Google’s Top Stories Carousel by the end of August. 

Google Search Console New Page Experience Report:

A detailed Page Experience report will be available in Google’s Search Console having all the information combining the four major Core Web Vitals report with other page experience signals like:

Mobile Usability

A URL that has no mobile usability errors is a must for qualifying for a good ranking status.


Security Issues

There must not be a single URL interfering with security. If there are any security concerns in any one of them, then all the URLs will be eliminated from the website.


Any sort of web page must be served over HTTPS for being eligible and enhancing the good page experience status.


Ad Experience

The advertisement on a site’s web page must not be distracting, interrupting, or disturbing in any manner. If this signal is not complied with, then the page will be considered contributing to a bad user experience and all the pages on the website will also be considered giving a bad page experience. 


Google’s Search Performance report will also update on the ability of the search engine to filter out the pages giving a good page experience. SEOs and website owners can then analyze them and deliver more strategies and content that is more satisfying and contributes to a good page experience.