40% of SEOs may remove AMP after google page experience update

22 May, 2021



Aleyda Solis, a well-known international SEO consultant organized a poll on the 22nd of this month asking website owners and folks from the SEO industry what they will do with their AMP with the rollout of Google’s much-awaited (delayed too!!) Mid-June Update. This week’s Twitter poll seemed pretty insightful for all of the peeps who are not sure what to do with their AMPs.



Google initialized the launch date as 19th May but now has delayed it to Mid-June stating it to be a “Gradual rollout”. This new ranking system update was announced in November last year and is called the “Page Experience Update” because much of its underlying principles will integrate Core Web Vitals, a set of search signals for page experience. Its full effect will only be seen up in August to tackle any unexpected changes.

Google page experience 

With the page experience update, AMP will no longer be a mandate to top search results, because now simply adhering to core web vitals would do the job. 

Know more about Google page experience update by watching this video


First, let’s see what the majority went with, is it keeping the AMP or removing it?

amp pie chart

SEO Twitteratis voted a YES for removing AMP pages from their websites. 41.2% of the SEO industry is thinking of removing these pages while a still smart fraction of 35.3% of the voters opted for adding AMP pages and the remaining 23.4% of them voted for just keeping AMP pages. 

Well after seeing the math, I believe the majority first gonna go with the gradual flow of the Update. In SEO words, it will be a testing phase. You should try all options before finalizing your AMP strategies like not adding new pages for some time and observing the changes in rankings and traffic. You can also try removing a certain number of AMP pages and then seeing what happens.

Even when you get positive results you should keep trying different techniques until Google finalizes its new page experience update in August. Google’s new update is a time taking process and who knows AMP may still play an important role even after the rollout of this update.

The most optimum strategy would be trying and noting the changes. Removing all pages or statically keeping old AMP pages or just not doing anything won’t give you answers. After all, SEO is all about hit and trial so that next time you know where the bull’s eye is.