Guide to Link Building in SEO (2021)



Link building and submission are still considered one of the most important Off-Page SEO factors while ranking your site or performing its SEO. The search engine crawlers of Google or any other search engine bots locate the web content through the links it finds all over the webspace. And not only that, but it also judges the quality of your links. The more high-quality links the search engine discovers, the more it boosts the authority of the website. 

Good links are like testimonials that establish trust in search engines’ eyes and enhance your website’s authority. However, over time Google has also strengthened its algorithms to detect unnatural and spammy links. Gone are those days when most SEO companies took advantage of the loopholes or relied on bad SEO techniques to get links from other unreliable sources to improve their rankings.

Link Building Strategies have revolutionized over the course of the past few years, which now demands a lot of brainstorming along with very profane, high-quality content, hence making it the most common and profound SEO Service.

This article will share the ultimate (covering beginners and advanced) guide to link-building techniques in SEO.

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Once you have curated the high-quality content for your website, the next step remains to do competitor research and study the sources where they are linking back. Use link-building tools like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, SEMRush to find the sources where your competitors are getting backlinks from. Performing this activity will give you a clear idea about the high-authority mediums like directories, classifieds, bookmarking, websites, forums, etc., whom they have approached for gaining links. It is one of the most crucial and unavoidable SEO Services you need to consider.

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Make sure that you put some effort into discovering the broken links to your website and reclaiming the lost ones. Having a broken link can stagnate your website ranking, as search engines do not favor it at all. Besides that, you must also ensure that you create new inbound links that redirect your website visitors to your website’s other pages. Doing this will optimize your website and enhance its authority.


This is yet another link-building example that you might consider while ranking and indexing your website. Social Engineering is all about adopting those link-building techniques that most SEO Companies use for controversy, ego bait, and mutual helping. This is because day by day, the websites are becoming vulnerable to these social engineering attacks that have become more common but sophisticated at the same time. These attacks mostly involve psychological manipulation, deriving confidential information and data from employees, or even a malicious link prone to external viruses. 


If you are serious about attracting more quality links to your website, make sure to follow it with Data-Driven information and research. This is extremely important so that you do not waste your precious time and energy running after those sources that possibly don’t deliver you many quality backlinks. Thorough research and data-analysis will ensure that you are in the right direction and enable you to be more organized and result-oriented. 


As mentioned before, your content’s quality decides the quality of your backlinks. It is no rocket science that the forums you are approaching

for gaining backlinks will only link back to you if they find the quality of your content relevant and SEO friendly, especially when you rely on guest blogging or any other SEO Service. Ensure that your website’s content is visually appealing, interactive, engaging for your website visitors.

Most SEO Companies do not take the content creation part much seriously and only rely on the tactics. Ensure that they have a strong team of content writers who can churn out quality content for your website.


Never rely on shortcuts or bad SEO practices for gaining high-quality backlinks for your website. They not only affect your rankings but can also get you penalized by Google or any other search engine. Building backlinks for your website can be a draining process, but it is surely worthwhile in the long-run. 



Apparently, there are two types of Backlinks:


Do-follow backlinks enable the search engine crawlers to scan through or redirect the content hidden behind those links. As the name suggests, the search engine bots follow the link and redirect to the pages ingratiate.


No-follow links are the links that the search engine crawlers ignore and do not pass any link juice through them. Similarly, these bots also do not pass the PageRank, hence not impacting its search engine rankings.

While Google and most search engines favor Do-follow backlinks more, the best practice is to use a blend of both, preferable 80:20 ratio for do-follow and no-follow, respectively.


This might sound absurd, but building long-lasting, and trustworthy relationships with your sources are the ultimate key to gaining quality backlinks. It helps you to a great extent in the long run. Digital Marketing is a game of networking. The more people you connect to, the more it will increase your website rankings’ chances of escalating.

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