The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research in SEO



Keyword Research is one of the primary and most crucial steps for any SEO Services. Before proceeding with creating content for your website, one needs to make sure what keywords are your potential website visitors are searching for in their search engine search bar. These search terms are referred to as Keywords.  

What is Keyword Research in SEO? 

Keyword Research is an extremely important aspect of any SEO Services that most Digital Marketing delivers. This activity is done to rank the website according to the search queries that website visitors type on the Google search bar. The SEO Company does this extensive research by stepping into their potential visitors’ shoes and analyzing their intent. For instance, most SEO companies make it a point to jot down the keywords that most people type into Google searches while looking for products, services, business, or organization types. Doing this allows them to target those relevant keywords that can bring good volumes of traffic to their website.  

Keyword research is an activity that needs to be done repetitively to see good results. Doing this frequently keeps you updated about the terms in the trend that website visitors are searching on Google or any other search engine. 

There are several tools available like Google Keyword Planner, Google Autosuggestion, Areas, UberSuggest, SEO Quake that can help SEO Companies in the entire process of Keyword Research. 

Why is Keyword Research Important? 

Keyword Research forms a very crucial aspect of any SEO service. It allows the SEO Companies to have a clear idea of what users are typing into their search bar and their intent. You must ensure that you invest your time and energy only on those keywords that are relevant and useful to your website visitors. If you waste your time on irrelevant keywords, it won’t bring you any results. It would be because your website would get optimized for a different set of keywords, and the users would search for something else altogether. 

Good keyword research enables every SEO company to optimize your website around relevant keywords that can bring them good results in the long run.  

Keyword Research Process! 

Keyword research is an elaborate process. For your easy understanding, we have summarized it in 8 simple steps. 

  • Determine your Business objective: Before you go ahead with this process of Keyword Research, you should have a clear idea about your vision and goal. Ask yourself why do you want to optimize your website? What do you want to accomplish from the SEO Services you perform? Self-analysis will give you an acute clarity of your goals and objectives.
  • Prepare a list of Keywords: Once you are clear about your business objectives, the next step should be to have a list of keywords that can cater to your website’s visitors’ search queries. Take note of what possible terms they can search on google, how your product/service solves their problem, and their search intent. Doing this will give you a list of the most relevant keywords that are worthwhile and the ones you can consider targeting. 
  • Research for your keywords: This is where some built-in tools like Keyword Planner, Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extention, UberSuggest, Google auto-complete comes into existence. These tools allow you to get exposed to all the keywords that are related to your niche industry.
  • Analyze your users’ search intent: Your entire SEO strategy should revolve around the fact that in what way you can address the problems of your website visitors or how your products/services can add value to their lives. Following this approach will help you step into your consumer’s foot and enable you to an outlook from their perspective. 
  • Determine a Keyword Strategy: Once you are through the above steps, follow it by creating a blueprint of the keyword strategy you should be willing to adopt. Create a spreadsheet that gives you a clear picture of your target key phrases, competitor information, user search intent, etc.   
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Keyword Research Tips!

  • Shift your focus to Long Tail Keywords: If you are someone new to target your website for SEO, your top priority should be to aim for long-tail keywords since they are the ones that describe your business in the best possible way, have decent search volumes, and also a lower level of competition.  These keywords make it easier for your website to rank on the search engine result page of Google. At the end of the day, it allows you to be more focused and clearer about your approach.
  • Competitor Analysis: This is perhaps the most important part of the entire process of keyword research, requiring you to dig deeper into your competitor’s database and analyze the keywords where they are ranked. Doing this will expose you to those keywords that should be your core target in the SEO services you consider. It will also help you funnel down your list of keywords that you prepared earlier. These keywords have the maximum potential to get your website rank in higher positions.  Merely creating the list of keywords is not enough for your SEO Services. You must have the ability to filter down the list that helps you stand out from your competitors. This comes when you analyze your competitors and recognize your potential keywords. It will not only save your precious time and energy. Still, it can also help you have a clear idea of the keywords around which your content should revolve. Doing this will bring you good volumes of website traffic and ultimately enhance your rankings. 

Keyword research for blog posts is also a major factor that boosts your traffic for your website’s relevant pages/blogs.  

We hope you find the above article insightful.  

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