Guide to Technical SEO: 2021


What is Technical SEO?

If you want to optimize your site for search engines and make it SEO-friendly, we present you with a complete guide to technical SEO Optimization.

We are sure that if you have your own website, or if you are willing to skyrocket your business digitally, you must be aware of how crucial it becomes to perform SEO services on your website. It enables your website to appear in the top positions of search results and boosts your website traffic. Once you’ve crafted quality content around your main keywords, the next step becomes to ensure that it is readable by readers and google crawlers. 

This is where the concept of adopting a Technical SEO strategy comes into the picture. We have summarized the technical SEO Checklist for your easy understanding that the majority of SEO Companies rely upon:-

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Crawling and Indexing

Once you have curated the content for your website, the next step becomes to ensure that it is getting crawled and indexed by Google Crawlers and appears in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The webmaster tool or Google Search Console (as it is termed now) makes sure your website is noticed and indexed by Google Crawlers.

Google Crawlers are like spiders that scan your entire website data and downloads it from the known web pages.

Security Layer (HTTPS)

HTTPS is a security layer that encrypts data between the website and users. Besides that, it becomes all the more vital for the transactions involving the protection of sensitive information like credit card details.

All you need to do is to install a TLS or SSL Certificate for the same. You can ensure that HTTPS is enabled for your website or not through the red ‘nonsecure warning that appears in its absence beside your URL.


Avoiding Content Duplicity

The content that you curate for your website should be completely original and non-plagiarized. A copied content, although Google does not penalize it, can severely affect your rankings. It can also lead to some other consequences like undesirable or unfriendly URLs, Backlink Dilution, Scraped content, etc. Yet another crucial factor among the SEO Services that surprisingly most SEO Companies don’t take seriously.

To check the duplicity of content, there are several tools available, like Grammarly. Still, one can also check it through web analytics master or Google Search Console.

Sitemap Creation

Like any usual map, your website’s sitemap summarizes all your information in one place. There are several versions of it, but the most common is the XML Sitemaps.

Do you know they are the second most important source of URLs in any website? Perhaps, this is the reason why most SEO Companies rely on using sitemaps for their website. Several modern CMS Like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify can automatically generate sitemaps for you. Embedding sitemaps counts as one of the most advanced and technical SEO services that most digital/ internet marketing companies adopt.

Use of Hreflang

Hreflang is an HTML attribute that helps indicate the language and geographical demographics of any website. It is commonly used in websites that comprise content varying in terms of languages or geographic targeting. Using hreflang not only prevents duplicity of content but also enables your website to rank higher in the search results.

Adding hreflang tags is very easy. All you need to do is to integrate the code on all versions of your website.

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS

While integrating security layers on your website, you must ensure that HTTP gets redirected to HTTPS. Merely relying on Https can make your website accessible at a non-secure version too. This serves as a loophole to your website’s security and makes it vulnerable to external hacks or viruses.

Schema Markups

Using schema markups can enable your website to have Rich Snippets. These are some extra pieces of information that appear on your result page apart from the title, description, and URL. However, Google prefers to show rich snippets for only specific content types that have schema markup enabled on them. 

Schema Markup is an additional code that helps search engines understand better and represent the search results’ content.

Avoiding orphaned pages

Orphaned pages, as the name suggests, are the pages that are left out from indexing on the Search Engine Result Page. This happens because they have no internal links from the pages that are getting crawled from the website. This is why it becomes important to build high-quality backlinks and use relevant internal links to enhance your website’s authority. Otherwise, your website visitor will fail to get more information as no other internal p

Speedy Page Loading

A lower speed page loading of your website turns off your website visitors. It leads to more bounce rates, which again hinders your website rankings. You must ensure that your website’s pages are easy to load across multiple devices, especially mobile phones. Google Pagespeed insights provide you the most accurate test of your web loading speed.
You can enhance your page speed through several factors like a faster DNS provider, .installing caching plugin, minifying HTML, CSS, and javascript files, using CDN, Image compression, etc.

Learn more about “pagespeed” by watching this video.


Avoid using no-follow internal links

 Using no-follow links is preferred only for those external pages you don’t want to endorse. If you use no-follow internal links for your website’s pages, it can severely drag down your website. The search engine will not pass the link juice, which would pull down the website to lower rankings.

The concept of SEO is quite complex in nature. We have compiled the most relevant technical SEO techniques for you. Several other elements come into the picture that we didn’t get time to cover in the technical SEO Tutorial above.

I hope this article has helped you. 

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