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You get around 500 to 800 daily action limit by Instagram.This amounts to more than 15000 actions a month, which means you can reach more than 15000 different people in Instagram every month.

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Instagram Ads and Influencer marketing are very expensive to increase your Instagram followers.

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Growing your followers is like building your email list. You can keep them updated daily with your deals and offers with just a story or post.

The sad part is you cannot use these actions all at once. You have to take 1 to 2 hour breaks to use these actions and keep it low so that Instagram do not think you are spamming accounts. This can keep you busy throughout the day and kill time.

If you have time to utilize actions that’s great. If not, let us help you. We specialise in this and have been helping accounts to grow in their niche. Just fill out this form and never lose your actions ever again.

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