SEO Case Study: BSL

British School Of Language popularly known as BSL, is one of the oldest and finest language schools in India that has been ranked top for IELTS preparation. It’s a New Delhi-based organization with a corporate office in Noida. Over a long span of time, they have been delivering quality education and training through their various branches that are running successfully in the Northern part of India.  British School Of Language has become a pioneer institution, for teaching various languages to the students, especially English.


How did ACECLiQ help them with the sustainable SEO assets?

ACECLiQ is a team of professionals with great expertise in the field of digital marketing solutions over the past few decades. At Present, We happen to be one of the leading SEO service providers in the market. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and we work accordingly. We provide the most potent and quality solution to ensure the growth of our clients.

In these hard times, where everything is going online, our client i.e. BSL found it very essential to have an effective presence in the online industry. Therefore, they planned for moving from offline to online during Covid-19. With the pandemic, they found it very challenging to spend heavily on paid advertisements.

Thus, SEO had to come as a warrior that could offer their business better organic visibility and help them generate leads, conversions, and traffic along with sustainable business growth.


Working on the content strategy and Internal linking

When we got the task of improving SEO for BSL (British School Of Language), the first thing our team at ACECLiQ worked upon was the content strategy. Content strategy in simple terms starts with the understanding of the target audience and dives more into understanding the value proposition. So we first did research on how people talk about the topics that are related to BSL. The next step in content strategy was working upon the uniqueness of their brand and solving how we can target the audience with the type of content our users would consume.

For working on the right keywords, we used platforms like answer the public, Ubersuggest, keyword planner, and related keywords. Our team then worked on adding these keywords to the URL. But for giving the best results, we also used the synonyms and related keywords in these URLs. Overall we worked upon 50 URLs. Question answer content was another important asset for doing SEO for BSL. Therefore, we also gave equal priority to it.

Internal linking was quite a challenge for our team. But we did a lot of hard work for this and we linked each and every page with each other, by the use of proper anchor texts. In order to ensure a proper structure of internal linking, we created a flow chart of the pages on the BSL website.


Improving SEO with conceptual backlinks and blogs

Working on the content strategy and internal linking was not enough alone. So, for further implementation of advanced SEO, our team at ACECLiQ worked on conceptual backlinks too. In layman’s terms, conceptual backlinks are in-line links that are represented in a meaningful way. These conceptual backlinks have huge importance for the SEO of any website. Therefore, we had done precise work on conceptual backlinks.

While working on the SEO of BSL, our team found some irregularities on the blogs. There were also some indexing issues that were coming and the content was overlapping and going outside the screen (issue of wider content).

Therefore, we did our best to ensure the proper categorization and tagging of blogs. In order to ensure a profitable output, our team ensured to avoid any bad SEO practices and kept everything relevant and to the point.


Improving conversion rate and boosting traffic

We started working on SEO in August, and worked first on content strategy, then internal linking, and then backlinks continuously. As soon as the content starts to pour in the website with proper conceptual backlinks, the website will keep ranking more on top for the desired keywords. Our team worked day and night to make the content according to students and in just four months we got 4000 organic visitors in just 4 months. Apart from this, if you see the pie chart of our user arrival, you can observe that we have  65% of organic traffic and 25% of traffic that is direct. Isn’t it amazing?



Well, in this hard time of covid-19, we managed to get a user base of 27,953 users as of today, which is still increasing every day. This is a consequence of our second data that is 119,086 page views. Like any other project, we saw ups and downs at various stages of online education. We worked on our backlinks, SEO, and other parameters to rank on top on online platforms too. This helped us rank on top of Google in such a short span of time.


Ranking website on Top (Google)

With the efforts of our team at ACECLiQ, we managed to rank their website in the top positions of 3rd on Google. Using the advanced tools and techniques of SEO, we achieved the desired target.


We are still improving the content and other things continuously, to help the British School Of Languages become India’s largest English teaching Institute in India and the world.