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YouTube is a growing market in Noida for creators and advertisers. The unique benefit that the platform allows us is that of a visual engagement with the clientele or the viewer. Being a growing market, YouTube has a lot of potential for any brand and hence arises the need for Video SEO. 

The difference between Content and Video

Although video and content differ from each other by a large margin, there is not much difference between the two when it comes to optimizing the content. To a large extent, Video SEO works the same as it does for content, i.e. it is not enough to have a great product; you need to know how to market it as well. Just like people search for content on Google with the help of keywords, they do so on YouTube too; which, in turn, means that you have to be extra careful about structuring your content on YouTube. To help you out with the arduous task, Video SEO offers a fruitful suggestion.

Both content and video, need to be optimized to be made more accessible and visible to your target audience. Investing in SEO for your product has, nowadays, become one of the most common strategies that brands have been taking up. It not only helps with the number of views you get but also helps in building credibility for your brand.

Crafting content for Video SEO

Searches on YouTube work differently than they do on Google. Something that gets researched a lot on one platform might not find any mention on the other; they are used for completely different purposes. This distinction makes Video SEO a completely different job in Noida.  Video SEO consists of a number of layered tasks, like assigning the right keyword, providing the right description, providing the right tags for the video, saying the right keyword in each video, etc. 

Now, when you have your content ready there comes the second part of the job – making it attractive to the viewer. And no, we are not talking about using click-bait titles (they might sound beneficial in the short term but in the long term they plummet your audience retention rate, and then your video is removed from the suggestions list). What we do want for your Video SEO is high quality, descriptive titles, an engaging thumbnail, and a proper description of the video, and if you decide to upload the transcript of the video then that acts as an additional point for your benefit.

Finding the right Video SEO service

Video SEO might sound like a lot of work for someone who already has his/her plate full with creative problems. But if you are someone who is in need of quality service in Noida, then you can count on us. We at ACECLiQ Noida make sure that your requirements are the only thing that’s on our priority list. It matters not if you are a young startup or an established firm in Noida, we offer the same level of commitment to your project, and we provide the best Video SEO service.


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