What is International SEO?

International SEO refers to the ranking of the website for the niche-specific keywords in the search engine result pages of different countries or speaks a language different than your language. One of the best reasons for doing this kind of SEO is that you can increase your ranking not only to your country or region but also you can increase your rankings internationally thereby increasing your business prospects and brand value.

How International SEO works?

Search engines work to show the search results in the SERPs according to the language and location of the query maker. If your website is properly optimized with all the proper tags and signals convincing the search engines to show your website on your desired international locations then the purpose is served. These signals that you add to your website help these search engines to identify that your content is suitable for query makers sitting in that particular country.

How is International SEO different from Local or national SEO?

Most of the websites first start with ranking locally in their region then slowly optimize their website for a wider audience in different countries. 

Local SEO is more simple in comparison to International SEO as there are fewer factors to be taken care of when experts work on ranking in a smaller region but when we talk about international SEO the level of competition is difficult in comparison because of the larger area coverage but the results are much more rewarding.

How to do International SEO?

The first step to International SEO is to determine whether you want to target through location or language or both. It can get a bit confusing so let’s understand which can be the best for you.

If your content or your services doesn’t need a change when targeting the other countries then one can opt for language targeting. But if you have to make changes to the content of your pages it is better to go for country targeting.

Both of these targeting can be done using different methods:

1. International SEO friendly URL

In this type of targeting you can make a completely new web page with all different tags, URLs, and content indicating the country you are targeting. This is a lengthy process but the signals it gives to search engines are more powerful.

2. Using hreflang tags

Language targeting is the fastest route to international targeting as it does not involve major structural changes. As for every country you have to make a new page and fill it with content and perform on-page and off-page SEO but with language targeting only content needs to change and targeting is more as there are very few languages as compared to the number of countries. However, we should take proper care while translating and language tagging. 

In the end, I would like to add that the work does not end here. There is always a scope for improvement and you have to always make sure to add as many signals as possible to support your website to rank higher in the SERPs. Also, the translation should be done by a proper native speaker of the target country.


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