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ACECLiQ is a leading SEO Services Company. We help gain online visibility and increase the ROI of your website. If you want to rank amongst all the significant players in the virtual world the best way is to do search engine optimization for your dream venture, without SEO you are truly missing out on golden opportunities for maximizing your revenues. 

Vying for growth in a competitive environment is never easy. And doing so on the back of an unplanned and unprepared online strategy does not make it any easier. Did that get you worried? Did we hit too close to home for your comfort? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are in dire need of an SEO agency, and you have already taken the first step in the right direction! We are the best SEO services and are more than well equipped to plan, guide, and execute your online business strategy. Starting from here on, your business is going to be more visible, accessible, and profitable.

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Lead Generation

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What is SEO?

Before we delve into the details of the trade it is important that you understand what SEO is and what it does for your company. Knowing what it can be used for is essential in making the important decision of why it is important for you.

Search Engine Optimization or as it is better known, SEO is the process of making your brand visible and noticeable online. The internet is crowded with so many brands that sanding out has become a matter of talent and skill. SEO ensures that you rank higher up on the online search results, thus being more visible and relevant to the people looking for the services that you offer. 

Why your Business needs SEO services in the first place?

Your business needs the services of the best SEO company  because you are poised for growth. And if you choose to step back at this crucial junction then you are going to regret it for the rest of your business life. An SEO agency is an important part of the machinery of any company. They are vital because they ensure the online survival of your company. Today, the online visibility and reputation of a company are just as important as its offline presence. Most of the buyers prefer to look up their needs online and if you are not at the top of that list, then you will never be at the top of your game.

The answer as to why your business needs SEO lies in maintain online visibility and ensuring that you remain relevant to the client.

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Achieve organization’s goal

Each business has the fundamental goal for leading their business and the entire association attempts to accomplish that objective. Contemplating the market and making plans is a time taking process. A committed SEO segment in the organization makes the workers zero in on the fundamental objectives of the firm.

time efficient


While you’re out there studying the market, analyzing it, and then making strategies, your competitors have already gotten ahead of you, which costs you big time. But having an SEO team helps you to focus on the goals, you don’t have to put extra hours in your own business. The SEO team will do that for you.

professional input

Professional input

There is a distinction between novice work and expert work. What’s more, that distinction assumes a tremendous part in the survival of the firm. Recruiting an expert SEO team, similar to us, won’t just expand the yield of your business yet additionally takes it to another level.

competitie advantage

Competitive Advantage

Hiring an SEO Company will definitely be advantageous to your business. A professional is a professional. By hiring an SEO company will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Your business will be able to analyze the market rather quickly and more efficiently. With an SEO company, you will be having multiple strategies as stand by, which will be advantageous for your business.

more quality

More quality traffic

The primary objective of SEO services is to have quality traffic. SEO helps your business to interact with the targeted audience. More and more parties (buyers and investors) will involve in your business, and within no time, your business will acquire a huge portion of market share. This will help you to create your goodwill in the market as well.

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Minimize advertisement cost

A definitive value of recruiting SEO Services is that you don’t need to pay extra for promotions. Search engine optimization will consequently put your website at the front of SERPs. Gone are the days when you need to pay for the Ads which are pricey because of the competition as well as relying upon the number of clicks you get.

Types of SEO services that will grow your organic reach?

Each and every search engine has its own arrangements of factors which one needs to continue to be more obvious in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Google has more than 200 of these factors thus does Yahoo or Bing.

There are endless combinations of these rules which change alongside time and furthermore with the nature of the business. The intent of your website, the content, the market environment, your business environment, the nature of your business or in any event, selling services, all the things are taken into consideration when we talk about SEO.

Let’s take a look at the types of SEO Services according to your need –

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International SEO

When you start thinking about taking your business to a truly global scale, we are who you talk to. International SEO is something that we have helped a lot of brands with. Carving a niche in the fiercest of markets can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools for it. We equip your business with the teeth and edge to make it amongst the sharks. Optimizing your business so that you rank high even when looked abut globally is a complicated process, we devote a team of experts for this job. They stay on to your project and make real-time adjustments and modifications.

national seo

National SEO

We have seen multiple entrepreneurs starting their businesses with a bang but couldn’t even survive for 5 years. The main reason for their failure is the lack of proper strategy to face the market. That is not an option with ACECLiQ. With National SEO. we will make your business more visible nationwide. It might look like a tedious process to assert with but we do it with great expertise. With our highly trained team of experts, we manage your growth strategy and market tactics to go hand in hand with your SEO. Eventually, when you are all set for the national market.

Local SEO

Local SEO

When your focus is on the local market and the drive to capture it, this is what you go for. Local SEO is for sellers who want to focus their effort on maintaining their position in the market they operate in. Local SEO is suited for small organizations operating in a town and also for big companies trying to break into a new market. It sends awareness about your brand to the people who shop online in that area. Operating out of Kolkata, we are the best at what we do and no other SEO Service is capable of providing the results that we do.

youtube seo

YouTube SEO

YouTube is one of the best examples of an emerging market. At a time like today, when internet penetration is at the pinnacle, the demand for online content has massively increased. And YouTube has become a frontrunner when it comes to fulfilling that demand. But being the ultimate content presenter today, there is also the need for staying a step ahead of your competitors. And that is what YouTube SEO is all about. Just like the Search Engine algorithm, YouTube also has its own ranking algorithm. Our team works round the clock just to make your content at the top of the list. 

e-commerce seo

E-Commerce SEO

Ecommerce is fast becoming the face of online business. In fact is the world’s most revenue generating online business.  From being just one dimension of it to dominating the industry, it has come a long way. And if you are yet to have a game plan for getting your business online then you are bound to lose out in the game. But don’t you worry about a thing, we got you! We are expert in Ecommerce SEO and we are the best SEO Services and we will help you grow. Ecommerce has its unique needs and we are ready with the answer.

amazon seo

Amazon SEO

Amazon is one of the biggest market places for sellers all over the world. You get the unique opportunity to cater to people from every walk of life but having such a huge market also means that you also have a huge competition to be ahead of. Optimizing your product to be shown ahead of your competitors is what we do in Amazon SEO. With the help of online tools, we ascertain the keywords that will best suit your product and ensure sales. Our SEO Services Company works with you throughout this stage to ensure smooth sailing till the end.

What SEO campaigns can help you achieve?

SEO campaigns are run by SEO companies to help you achieve a specific goal that is an increase in sales. When your total sales volume goes up then so does your total revenue. Having more revenue means that you finally get to fund that expansion that you have always been planning about. While putting in money into an SEO campaign might cost you in the short run but in the long run, when those leads start coming in, you are going to be thankful for the fact that you took the right decision and had the patience to wait it out till fruition. 

Who need to invest in SEO Services?

Online SEO abstract

Every business has a need for staying relevant. It matters not if you are the new kid on the block or one of the old guards of the trade; you need to maintain and carve out your niche. Everybody needs to invest in SEO services. In the modern-day, it has become one of those necessary expenses that you have to do, much like office rent and inventory expenses. 

When you stop investing in your brand, you stop its growth. If you are unsure about your market position or feel that you are slipping in the hold you had, you need to get in touch with us. We will help you get back on your feet with the help of guided investments in SEO campaigns. If you are at the top of your game, we will help you to hold on to that lead. As you see, in either case, you need to have an investment in SEO for the benefit of your brand.

How SEO works?

SEO services work by making your brand more recognizable and relevant to the online community. It matters not how well you might be performing in your area but if your online visibility is low or nonexistent then your competition has got you at a disadvantage. And to trump that area, you need to have a strong online strategy to attract customers online. An SEO agency does exactly that for you. With help from our teams of experts, your brand will grow into a force to be reckoned with.

 How our SEO services can help you grow organically?

way to digital marketing

Organic growth is an excellent indicator of your company’s standing in the market. With the help of an SEO agency, it is possible to convert your short-term success into a pillar for long-term stability. When you take the decision to employ the services of the best SEO company, you guarantee that the goodwill of your company is about to go up. SEO services, sustained over a long period of time will measure that your brand name becomes more recognizable and relatable in the market. As that happens, people will trust your brand more and start choosing you over the competition.

Our SEO work Package Content Includes

Analysis Phase


Site Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Competition Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Ranking Check
Keyword URL Analysis
Broken Links Check
Google Penalty Check
On-page Optimization


Header (H1) Tags

Internal Link

Existing Content

Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis

Xml Sitemap/Analysis

Google Webmaster Tools Set Up

Google Analytics Set Up

Page Speed Optimization

Google Analytics Setup

Title & Meta Tags Optimization

Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Bing Webmaster Tools Set Up

Footer Optimization

Check Header Status, Meta Robots, Google Cache of Pages

Check Mobility Issues

Custom 404 Page

URL structure Analysis

External Links

Schema/Structured Data Markup

Logo Optimization

Schema on Contact Address

Schema on Breadcrumb

Schema on Blog

Local Search optimization

Google My Business Setup & Verification

Local Business Directory/ Citations

Customer Reviews/Ratings Submissions

Contact Address in Footer

Content Marketing

Blog Writing

Classified Writing

Article Writing

PDF Creation

Infographic Creation

PPT Creation

Guest Blog Writing

Off Page Optimization

Blog Submission

Article Submission

Company Profile Listing

Classified Submissions

Link Syndication

PDF/Doc Submission

Image Submissions

Infographic Distribution

PPT Submission

Blog Commenting

Video Submission

Q & A Submissions

Guest Blog Posting

Social Media Sharing

Micro Blogging

Facebook Account Setup 

Facebook Page Optimization

Facebook Content Sharing

Twitter Account Setup

Twitter Page Optimization

Twitter Content Sharing

LinkedIn Account Setup

LinkedIn page optimization

LinkedIn content sharing

Voice Search Optimization

Long Tail Keywords Research

Search Engine Result Page Analysis

Content Optimization

Implementation of Schema (JSON,Microdata , RDFa)

Meta Data and Date stamp Optimization

Image Optimization

Heading Optimization

Readability Content Grade

Monthly Reporting

Search Engine Rank Report

SEO Activity Reports

Social Media Activity Report

Voice Search Report

Google Analytics Report

We have most specialized and expert SEO team

Our in-house teams of experts have been helping dreams turn into reality. It is the dream of every business owner to have his brand grow well beyond the initial borders that limit it. And with the help of the best SEO services, it is now possible to realize that dream.

Our experts have been trained in countering industry-specific challenges which allow them to sidestep many obstacles and provide better results in less time. In addition to being experts in their fields, they also have guidance from some of the most efficient leaders in the industry. All in all, we have put together the best team for implementing your growth strategy.

SEO team

What makes ACECLiQ the best SEO Services?

Laying claim to being the best SEO company is something that we do not take lightly. In addition to the efforts that we put into our job, we also strive to make sure that you are not disappointed. That is what makes us the best SEO agency in the nation. We always make sure that you are as much a part of our team as our experts. Your opinions are valued and incorporated into the strategy that we make for your brand. We hope to continue serving you and bringing you the best of the SEO world.

What ACECLiQ SEO services can help you achieve in business?

digital marketing achieve

ACECLiQ will help you achieve a better brand platform. Your growth strategy coupled with our efforts will bring about a huge transformation in the amount of business you transact. Achieving a better search ranking is not the end of the track, you need to hold on to that lead and make it mean something. There are so many brands that have never been able to make it to maturity despite having a great start. 

We at ACECLiQ make sure that your strategy is not just one of exponential growth but also of sustained progress. SEO, when implemented properly, can form a company’s image. Our focus is on getting you the most out of the money you invest. In addition to the monthly goal and budget reports, we also make room for real-time adjustments in your growth strategy to allow you to be dynamic and ready for challenges.


I had the best experience of working with ACECLiQ. Their commitment towards their services and timeliness are some of the main highlights that set them apart.

Prateek Gupta

Executive Director, BSL British School of Language

ACECLiQ is one of those companies that gives you no stress when boosting your digital presence. We had a great experience working with them.  They truly know their stuff.

Utsav Anand

Executive Director, Dreamzone

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How much does SEO cost?

A pretty common rather obvious question regarding SEO which ACECLiQ usually hears from customers. The costing naturally differs from package to package which a company opts for.

Why SEO needs to be constantly updating?

SEO is considered to be changing because it works according to the guidelines of a search engine. Every search engine changes its guidelines according to the change in the market. Google themselves update their guidelines on a daily basis.

Is SEO worth my money?

The answer to this is pretty simple, YES, It will be worth at least till the Internet is there. SEO does offer an upper hand over your competitors.

Has SEO weakened during Lockdown?

No, SEO hasn’t weakened during the lockdown, in fact, the need for SEO Agencies has increased this year as more firms have shifted their processes to the online platform during the lockdown.

Why should I hire an SEO Agency if I can do it by myself?

There is no obligation for hiring an SEO agency but it does impact the business activities. An electrician fixes the wiring better than a non-electrician.

Does Search Engines have penalties?

Yes, Search Engines have penalties. Like we mentioned before, every search engine has its ranking factors, and choosing the wrong ones or overdoing it may end up in a penalty. It devalues the whole business for a longer-term.

Why should I invest in SEO?

You need to invest in SEO services because it is vital for your company’s growth. With the help of SEO services, you can reach out to more people and get your business across to people all over the world. Limiting yourself and not investing in SEO services is akin to shutting off your business to new ventures and alliances.

What do paid campaigns do?

Paid campaigns are useful where you need to get better results fast. Paid campaigns are also great for increasing the reach of your brand. Since these services are paid for, you get increased traffic on your site almost instantaneously.

Do I need an expert for in-house SEO?

Yes, you do need an expert for SEO services. This expert can be in-house or outsourced, it doesn’t matter which option you go with as long as you are meeting your SEO goals. If you are looking for an SEO company, we are the best at what we do.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is the process of improving your website’s performance and online ranking without indulging paid campaigns. It is lasting in its effect and is quite beneficial for the company’s growth, goodwill, and credibility in the market.

Can SEO be used for social media as well?

Yes, absolutely. As we mentioned before, SEO is very versatile and is done in almost every e-Platform.

Is SEO a part of marketing

It goes without saying that Yes! SEO is a very crucial part when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, it is the most profiting in all of digital marketing.

Will too much traffic crash the website?

Well even though it’s bad for a site to crash due to excess traffic, we SEO Community think of it as a good sign. Because it shows that there are so many visitors looking for your website that it couldn’t handle the heat. Obviously, ACECLiQ is here to manage that part but also keep in mind that then it will be high time for you to increase the scope of your business. 

Isn’t right keywords are the only thing in SEO?

Keywords do have a huge impact on building a good SEO. But now the time has completely changed. Now SEO has become a much wider concept than just mere keyword targeting.

How to know if my business even needs an SEO Service?

Check your competitors online, every venture is having an online platform. By having an SEO company on your side, one can be able to get in the SERPs rather easily.

How will SEO help my business?

SEO will help your business by making it more profitable in the long run. You need to grow as your business gets older, if you don’t then there is no room for adjusting the growing expenses that you incur. With time, your business will disappear if you don’t keep it visible to the buyer looking for services online. This where SEO comes in, it helps keep your business from getting buried under thousands of other search results.

How long does SEO take to bring results?

Since the work done by SEO is permanent in nature, it takes 3 to 4 months to show an actual difference. This time is spent in building up the online mage of your company and establishing your authority on the market that you deal in.

How will I get better results with SEO?

SEO works on making your brand more visible and relevant to the public. As you begin to raise these goals, the amount of traffic that you receive goes up, and with that the number of leads that you can generate. The more the number of leads that you have, the better are the chances of revenue.

Can SEO services be outsourced?

Yes, SEO of your website can be outsourced. All that you have to do is get in touch with us or let us call you. We are the best SEO services  and we are ready to help you out with your business.

Is SEO costly?

The cost of an SEO campaign depends on what you want to get done. If you are looking for extensive campaigns that are interconnected and tie in together with e vision of your company then you are going to have to invest more than what you would have done when running a social media campaign. Your end goal decides the investment you have to put in, and your end goal is decided by where you stand in the market at present.

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